What did an out of work bartender do when looking to kill some time while the world was in shut down? He leaned into his creative side and started "mixing" up scents inspired by our favorite cocktails. From there, the whole family took an interest in candle making and over the next 12 months we tested and tweaked wax blends, scents and wicks to bring you luxury candles that are meant to light up a room in more ways than one. 

Like bartending, candle making combines art and science. Our entire collection starts with a proprietary soy-blend wax. We did a lot of research on sustainability and environmentally friendly products and are proud of our candles and the sources in which they come from. Our fragrance oils, blended in our workshop (AKA the basement) have been tested and tweaked for optimal scent throw - both when the candle is not burning (cold throw) and while it’s burning (hot throw). And finally, after testing hemp, cotton, and wood, we decided on an untreated cherry wooden wick because of its dependable performance. 

Each of our hand poured candles comes packaged with a custom wax seal and a complimentary drink recipe. These added touches along with the personal labeling of our product are meant to bring you not just a candle, but an experience. We hope you enjoy your cocktail inspired candles and share them with your friends.  


The Cohns